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Toshiba TDP MT 200: In Use

The MT 200 is turned on either with the remote control or by using the button located on the projector itself. A few seconds later the image appears and automatic source detection goes to work. The fan noise is really reasonable in economy mode. This mode, as on most projectors, significantly reduces noise related to lamp cooling (29 dB), but also increases the contrast ratio (2500:1) by reducing the brightness of the lamp from 750 to 600 lumens.

Access to the settings menus is via the remote control or else the "Menu" button on the unit. Everything is clear, complete and easy to access. There are the usual contrast, brightness, color and sharpness adjustments, plus access to the three gamma modes: dynamic, standard and theater. Other settings are also available through three other menus, such as projection mode, choice of language, etc.

The only disappointment is the remote control, which is too small and not backlit. Aside from that, handling the projector is no problem. The limited number of buttons, paradoxically, makes use easier.