Movie Theater Video for the Masses

Out Of The Box

When you take the 4805 out of the box, you're a little disappointed by the quality of the plastic InFocus has used. The gray shell is not especially esthetically pleasing. On the top of the unit are all the control buttons, providing direct access to all essential functions. On the back, the AV inputs aren't next to the power connector; it's on the left side of the projector along with the power switch. Under the machine are two adjustable feet of only average quality. As for the remote control, it's basic but well designed, providing access to the main functions. Backlighting for its buttons is accessible via a pushbutton on the side of the remote, making it easy to find even in the dark. The contrast and brightness adjustments are accessible directly, just as for a normal TV set. This means you won't have to go into the submenus just to increase the brightness.

InFocus Screenplay 4805: In Use

Once the InFocus is plugged in, the fan comes on right away. Its noise is fairly noticeable, even in low-voltage mode. What's more, the 4805's fan continues to operate even when the projector is turned off. In fact, you have to totally cut off the current to stop the fan.

Regardless of the source, the projector detects it automatically. Small, very well designed icons show the type of connection used for each of the three inputs. The menus are complete and clear, and access to image adjustments (contrast, brightness, color, tint, screen size and gamma) is quick and intuitive. An "Advanced" submenu lets you adjust chroma and luma details, noise reduction, sharpness, color temperature, etc.

The 4805 is a real pleasure to use when making adjustments. The overall ergonomics are good, except for the fact that placement is a little touchy. The lens unit has no lens shift function. That means that you'll have to place the projector perfectly - you can't shift the image to the right, left, or up and down. And since the zoom ratio is 1.2 x, or 11.7 to 14 ft. (3.57 to 4.26 meters) from the screen for a 79" (two-meter) image, placing the projector might be somewhat difficult depending on your room. Make a point of checking the necessary distance between the projector and the screen before you decide on a purchase.