Movie Theater Video for the Masses

Sanyo PLV-Z2: In Use

In addition to excellent image quality, the Sanyo also offers truly exceptional ease of installation. The image can be shifted vertically up to 1 1/2 times its height and about half its width. It's not a good idea to push this function too far, though, since if you do the brightness loses intensity and uniformity. However, if you can place it perfectly in the center of the screen and perpendicular to it, you'll get the best out of the PLV-Z2.

The settings menus let you access two video inputs and choose video formats from 480i to 1080i and up to 1280 x 1024 resolution for computer signals. Then, in S-Video, you have the possibility of setting the level of progressive scan: Off, L1 and L2. That's very practical when you don't have a progressive scan DVD player. There are the usual image adjustments. To facilitate the use of the projector, Sanyo has provided three presets (standard, cinema, video games) and lets you memorize four sets of adjustments. Finally, the image formats are highly varied, with no less than eight formats to suit all uses.