MSI MEGA 180 Mini-PC: Functionality Combined With Beauty

Under The Hood

As you can see from the photo, the interior of the MEGA 180 is not very roomy. To install the processor and the radiator/ventilator, you have to dismantle the hard-drive and optical reader housing. There is a Socket 462 for Athlon, Duron and AthlonXP processors up to 3000+. It has two memory slots for a maximum capacity of 2 GB. Of course, as the nForce2 chipset works better in Dual Channel mode, you'll need two identical memory modules (2 x 256 MB, for instance).

The AGP and PCI ports are in the usual position. The AGP is next to the processor and the PCI is near the edge. This means that video cards with big heat dissipaters can be installed. But the power input can be inconvenient for installing a video card with big radiators on the other side. The cables are better arranged than on the earlier model, but still not as well as on the Biostar iDeq 200N.