MSI RX800PRO-TD256: Little Value Add, Lots of Software


The RX800PRO-TD256 is an ATi-based graphics card made by MSI. The lengthy product name describes a card using ATi's Radeon X800 Pro chip. Aside from the choice and design of the cooling solution, the card copies ATi's reference design. The technical specifications also follow ATi's reference specs exactly; the processor features 12-pixel pipelines, six-vertex shader units and runs at a core frequency of 475 MHz.

The card comes with 256 MB of DDR3 memory on a 256-bit memory bus running at 900 MHz (DDR). It also offers the standard complement of output connectors, comprising one VGA output, one DVI-I connector as well as a TV-out jack.

The RX800PRO is also an AGP 8x card and draws more power than the AGP slot can supply. As a result, it requires an auxiliary power connections.

The card's layout corresponds to ATi's reference design.

The fan is very quiet, but it does not cool down the memory modules.