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Corsair Obsidian 900D Review: Making Room For High-End Gear

Installing Optical Drives

Adding an optical drive to Corsair's Obsidian 900D is as easy as it gets. You don't need any tools or screws. Instead, the drive is held in place by a locking pin on a bracket. The only time you'll need screws is if you install an extremely short component like our Scythe fan controller.

You don't have to pull off the case's front bezel, since each bay’s cover can be removed individually. What looks like brushed aluminum is, however, merely plastic with a faux aluminum texture. So be careful not to scratch any of the covers you need to use. Likewise, exercise caution removing the bay covers because the pins holding them in place could break off. Instead of tugging from the outside, try disengaging the pins from within.

As this case is very wide, its bay covers are a lot bigger than any 5.25" device you'll ever install. The result is vertical gaps to the right and left of your drives. I also noticed that, at least in the case of my Samsung Blu-ray drive, the mounting position is slightly behind the front panel itself, aggravating those gaps.

This particular design idiosyncrasy voids the Obsidian 900D's entry into America's Next Top Model. In comparison, the Obsidian 800D's front bezel is both smooth and unbroken, which we find almost beautiful.