OpenGL Workstation Graphics: Now We're Talking High End!

3D Studio Max 7 (Application)

All of the following benchmarks are based on real world applications that are often used in the workstation segment. In essence, whoever gets the most points here wins the hearts of the consumers. In order to proceed with these tests you need a fully licensed version of the relevant program; this is the only way to execute the benchmark model or script.

3D Studio Max 6 finally replaces the outdated version 4.2.6. The organization took a long time to take this step.

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3D Studio Max 7 SubcategoriesATi FireGL V7350ATI FireGL V7300Nvidia FX 4500
Wireframe Graphics5.695.765.75
Shaded Graphics3.203.274.43
Inverse Kinematics1.641.641.52
Object Creation/Editing/Manipulation1.651.672.23
Scene Creation Manipulation1.711.741.78

Solidworks 2003 SP5.5 (Application)

Maya 5 (Application)

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