OpenGL Workstation Graphics: Now We're Talking High End!

Test Candidates In Detail

ATI puts the prefix "V" in front of the model number for cards using the PCI Express interface; the letter stands for "visualization". With this designation, the manufacturer is trying to distance itself from the rather unfortunate choice of names for AGP graphics cards. With the last few models, regular users were not able to tell which letter belonged to which performance class - the letters "X", "T" and "Z" did not really have any particular meaning. It's different for PCI Express. Here the first number is the performance class: "3xxx" for the low end, "5xxx" for the mid-range, and "7xxx" for the high end.

Workstation Level Support at ATI is interesting. It includes:

  • A 3-year guarantee with repair or exchange
  • Support from a qualified workstation specialist
  • Minimal downtime for users, through an extended replacement part service

ATi FireGL V7350

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