Plextor PX-708A DVD±R/±RW Recorder Goes 8X

8X: A Bit Over The Top?

Plextor has implemented all the technologies already available on its earlier recorders. To get over the problem of buffer under run, the PX-708A uses Buffer Underrun Proof technology for CD recording, Zero Link for DVD-R/RW and Lossless Linking for DVD+R/RW.

Still for CD-R, Plextor has integrated the PoweRec system (Plextor Optimized Writing Error Reduction Control) which adapts recording speed to the quality of the blank support. This substantially reduces the risk of failure on unbranded supports. VariRec technology, also developed by Plextor, gives the user a choice of eight different tonalities to improve the recording quality on CD Audio.

Up to now, all recorders worked in CLV (Constant Linear Velocity), a mode which records DVDs at a constant speed from start to finish. This means that the disk spins faster to begin with because it is starting from the center. At 8X, to maintain a constant write speed, or 11,040 kB per second, the recorder motor should work faster at the start of recording. This is why, for CD recording beyond 24X, Plextor had to use the Z-CLV system (Zoned Constant Linear Velocity). So the PX-708A starts recording data at 6X and ends at 8X. Here you can see the write speed progress curves in blue (in X) and motor speed in yellow.