Plextor PX-708A DVD±R/±RW Recorder Goes 8X

CD Writing Tests

Though it runs theoretically 2.5 times faster, the time gain in the end is only 40%, a bit under two minutes, though just 3 minutes to record a 650 MB CD is not to be sniffed at.

For rewriting, we unfortunately could not get a 24X-compatible CD-RW in time. So we ran the tests on a 10X CD-RW. The Pioneer did best here. We promise you an update test on a 24X.

DVD Writing Tests

It's really fast! Under 9 minutes for 4.38 GB, now that is quite appreciable. For the other formats, the Pioneer is still ahead, except for the DVD+RW, where the Plextor records at 4X instead of just 2.4X for the DVR-A06.