Processors On The Rocks: Asetek's VapoChill


Some of you may still remember that we were pretty much the first to report on Kryotech and its CPU-cooling products almost 3 years ago . Since then Kryotech had been able to establish itself as the most prominent, if not even only, provider of professional sub-zero processor cooling solutions that enable the user to run her/his CPU at clock speeds way beyond its original specifications without any risk.

Cool Stuff From Denmark

This article is not about Kryotech, but about it's only real competitor from the Kingdom of Denmark, a country famous for its lovely, but stubborn people, beautiful beaches and high-quality products. Although there's hardly anything worse for a Dane than being compared to its once so imperialistic neighbour to the south, I will still dare saying that in the Danish population the expectations for product quality are just as high as for the picky Germans (I know what I am talking about!), as it is common for all the other Scandinavian nations as well.