ATI Radeon HD 5870: DirectX 11, Eyefinity, And Serious Speed

Benchmark Results: World In Conflict

Without anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering turned on, we’re again faced with a situation where all eight of these configurations deliver more than 60 frames at 1680x1050 and 1920x1200. Zeroing in on the red bars (2560x1600) suggests that even a “lowly” Radeon HD 4870 will suit your needs in World in Conflict.

It’s notable, though, that the Radeon HD 5870 gets smoked by the Radeon HD 4870 X2 and GeForce GTX 295 here. It takes a pair of the cards before ATI’s newest creation takes a win, and even then, two GeForce GTX 285s aren’t all that far behind.

Nvidia enables many more anti-aliasing options in World in Conflict, but ATI only goes up to 4xAA, so that’s the setting on which we standardized. Again we see the two dual-GPU cards outperform the Radeon HD 5870 at all three resolutions. CrossFire treats Cypress well though, nearly doubling performance and allowing the new boards to outperform twin GeForce GTX 285s.

Chris Angelini
Chris Angelini is an Editor Emeritus at Tom's Hardware US. He edits hardware reviews and covers high-profile CPU and GPU launches.
  • hispeed120
    I'm. So. Excited.
  • Can't wait
  • crosko42
    So it looks like 1 is enough for me.. Dont plan on getting a 30 inch monitor any time soon.
  • jezza333
    Looks like the NDA lifted at 11:00PM, as there's a load of reviews now just out. Once again it shows that AMD can produce a seriously killer card...

    Crysis 2 on an x2 of this is exactly what I'm waiting for.
  • woostar88
    This is incredible at the price point.
    Err... I thought I was going to see more for the price. Regardless, I think ATI missed the mark here. I am interested in playing games on my HDTV since me and my monitor don't care about these higher resolutions. Fail cakes... Nivida is undoubtedly going to rape ATI in performance with the 300 series. This is good news for mainstream prices however.... you can ptobably upgrade to a current DX10 board soon for a very good price, and then buy a 5850 for $100 in a year from now. Result? Don't but a 5000 series card yet until the price comes down? Heh, I bet the cards will be $100 less in December if the 300 series launches.

    This is not to say I am an Nvidia fan, just undoubtedly you would do well for yourself to hold off for a bit if you want to buy a 5000 series... as the price will come down for a good price/performance ratio soon enough.
  • tipmen
    wait, wait, before I look can it play cry... HOLY SHIT?!
  • viper666
    why didn't they thest it against a GTX 295 rather than 280??? its far superior...
  • cangelini
    viper666why didn't they thest it against a GTX 295 rather than 280??? its far superior...
    Ran it against a GTX 295 and a 285 and 285s in SLI :)
  • Annisman
    I refuse to buy until the 2GB versions come out, not to mention newegg letting you buy more than 1 at a time, paper launch ftl.