Raijintek Pallas CPU Cooler Review

Overclocked Performance

Raijintek made a point of telling us that the Pallas would be able to cool a 180W processor before the company shipped us one. This usually earns a skeptical reaction from us as we make a mental note to run the benchmarks in spite of them probably being a waste of time.

In these cases, the CPU cooler is usually unable to make good on the manufacturer's promises. Raijintek's Pallas proves to be the exception. It doesn’t just keep our overclocked AMD FX-8350 cool at maximum fan RPM, but it even does so after slowing its fan down. The heat sink's direct competitor, Thermalright's AXP-200, fails both of these tasks. The same goes for be quiet!'s Shadow Rock 2.

It does get tight at 1000 RPM with a measurement 45.8 degrees Celsius above ambient temperature, which might not be quite enough if your air conditioning unit breaks in the middle of a hot summer. At the maximum fan speed of 1423, this number drops to 39 degrees Celsius. That's only five degrees higher than Deepcool's giant Lucifer.