Three Red-Hot Boxed Cooler Alternatives for the Athlon XP3200+

Spire WhisperRockIV (SPA04B4)

When they developed the Whisperrock, the engineers at Spirecoolers focused on low operating noise. The heat sink is based on a standard profile of forged aluminum.

A copper core was inserted into the base plate for better heat conductivity. The contact surface has a clean, highly polished finish. Instead of a thermal pad, the manufacturer covered the contact surface with a fine layer of thermal paste. Installation with the triple-tab clip went smoothly, but you should have a flat-head screwdriver handy.

Example: the 80 mm fan not only runs very quietly at 41.6 dB(A) - the background noise level is 34dB(A) - but also has a protective screen. We recorded a thermal resistance value of 0.57°C/W, with a die temperature of 59°C on an Athlon XP-2400+ at full capacity.

The WhisperrockIV is suited to users who are looking for an especially quiet and high-quality cooler that offers good value for the price.