Three Red-Hot Boxed Cooler Alternatives for the Athlon XP3200+

Technical Specifications: 29 Coolers At A Glance

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Manufacturer / ProductWeight [gr]Dimensoins W xDxH [mm]Fan diameter [mm]Fan height [mm]MaterialNoise Level [dB (A)]RPM [1/min]Rtherm [°C/W]Tdie [°C]
Ajigo Corporation MF014-02129860 x 62 x 416010"Ni plated Cu-Al"55.158000.4153
Ajigo Corporation MF018-01130460 x 62 x 456013"Ni plated Cu-Al"50.247000.4555
AMD Boxed 2700+23370 x 63 x 466010Cu-Al46.648750.5055
AMD Boxed 3200+28080 x 63 x 636014Cu-Al51.838800.5455
AVC 112C8129278 x 63 x 636013Cu-Al51.545000.3851
AVC Frost28874 x 63 x 516015Cu-Al51.246000.3750
Coolermaster CP5-7JD1B-0L37180 x 75 x 717025Cu-Al39.324000.5461
Coolermaster HAC-V8146480 x 84 x 848025Cu-Al65.249.4455027800.370.465055
Coolermaster Jet 752380 x 80 x 1268080Cu-Al62.144.2350019000.490.615159
EKL 2070410105936675 x 63 x 566020Cu-Al44.535000.4857
Fanner 5F271B1M3 Falcon Rock37080 x 80 x 708025Cu-Al50.129000.4857
Molex 37256-000525070 x 62 x 496013Cu-Al54.553000.4855
Nengtyi KN-0130065 x 62 x 506015"Ni plated Cu-Al"48.546700.5763
Nengtyi KN-0240780 x 62 x 516015"Ni plated Cu-Al"51.848000.5058
Pentalpha APSK0181-C27772 x 65 x 606020Cu-Al54.841250.4654
Pentalpha APSK0181-L27772 x 65 x 606020Cu-Al42.530500.5560
Scythe Kamakaze65290 x 84 x 878025Cu-Al57.541.2365015800.460.684962
Spire SPA04B4 WhisperRockIV34582 x 80 x 738029Cu-Al41.622700.5759
SpringSpread Unique280030882 x 70 x 537015Cu-Al50.333000.4957
SpringSpread Vento III25380 x 80 x 608025Cu-Al48.325000.4957
Swiftech MCX462-U+ Vantec TD8038A88476 x 76 x 858038Cu-Al69.359000.3447
Swiftech MCX462-U+/ Y.S.-Tech Fan76276 x 76 x 587516Cu-Al58.555200.4051
Taisol CGK76017230580 x 60 x 596010Cu-Al50.548500.4454
Taisol CGK7609832280 x 60 x 626014Cu-Al40.328000.5361
Thermaltake Vulcano 951880 x 80 x 788025Cu-Al69.144.3547518000.380.605266
Tiger Electronics Miprocool II43080 x 80 x 678025Cu-Al45.336000.6262
Tiger Electronics SDC38130BC38380 x 62 x 636025Cu-Al57.556750.4956
Titan TTC-D5 TB(F/CU35)32180 x 80 x 658025Cu-Al60.141500.4554
Vantec VA4-C704039870 x 70 x 617415Cu-Al45.355000.3952


The range of cooler choices on the market is abundant. Regardless of whether you seek an economical and especially quiet cooler like the Whisperrock IV, or a model with variable cooling capacity, such as the Kamakaze from Scythe or the Jet 7 from Coolermaster, offerings exist that can meet your needs.

The launch of the Jet7 may have ushered in a new era of coolers. Suppliers hoping to gain new customers from high-revenue market segments, such as the modding market, will offer air coolers with an unusual/conspicuous design.

Also, users can rest assured that Athlon XP cooler systems will remain available for a while longer. Those declared dead usually rock on longer.