Three Red-Hot Boxed Cooler Alternatives for the Athlon XP3200+

The Name Says It All: Kamakaze From Scythe

Even the name will tell you that the Kamakaze is a Japanese product. The manufacturer, Scythe, is still relatively new to the cooler business - the Kamakaze is its first work. That explains the choice of name: The English translation of the Japanese word "kama" is "scythe", "wind" in Japanese is "kaze", and together they make "Kamakaze" or, in English, "Scythe's wind".

The Kamakaze is suited for installation both in Socket A and Socket 478 (Pentium4). But one thing makes it awkward: to mount the cooler on a Pentium4, you first have to dismantle the mainboard and mount the retention bracket on the board. Additionally, the clamp bar on the cooler must be switched.

Scythe includes an installation kit for the P4, an English-language quick-start guide and thermal paste in the package.

Those who have a Socket A system will have an easier time of it: the Kamakaze package includes a holder mounted on the cooler, the so-called rigid core clamping mechanism (RCCM). The RCCM is basically a type of special clip: Like a regular clip, the clamp has to be shoved over the tabs of the socket. The cooler is then fixed in place with screws to the right and left of the RCCM. Admittedly not the most routine solution in the world, but anyone who knows their way around a screwdriver will not have any problem with installation. Because Scythe has not given the fan a protective screen, users should make sure there are no loose cable ends close to the ventilator.