Remote Control For Multimedia Windows Apps

Multi-function Front Panel Display

The display is clear, and easy to read

The display module is made to fit inside a 5.25" drive bay, and works best when so installed. The built-in display consists of two lines, upon which a maximum of 20 characters may appear on any single line. But the display elements are not constrained exclusively to numbers and letters. Each display element consists of a 5x8 pixel matrix, and can comprise custom-built symbols as well as more conventional character data. The only limitation is the width of a single graphics symbol, which is limited to four display elements per display line, or eight display elements for a total pixel area of 8 x 8 x 5 or 320 pixels. The entire display offers 20 display elements per line for a total of 40 display elements in all. This provides a total display area of 8 x 5 x 40 or 1,600 pixels. But this delivers much more room for text than for graphics symbols (20 versus five at any given moment).

Installation requires a single unused 5.25" drive bay.

System info examples on display

Two examples from the CG Logo Builder software

Siggy Moersch