Remote Control For Multimedia Windows Apps

Display And Remote Control For (nearly) All Windows Versions

M-Play 202 Retail Packaging

VL-System's M-Play 202, which comprises a 5.25" display panel and an infrared remote control, offers a lot more than competing multi-functional displays. The system is compatible with the Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005 (MCE) multimedia operating system, Windows 2000/2003 and Windows XP. The front panel display unit, which slides into any unused 5.25" drive bay, and the remote control are ready to work out of the box and offer remote control access to MCE 2005, WinAmp and Windows Media Player 9 or 10.

The display and remote can also accommodate non-Windows multi-media applications with the use of simple scripts. Programming these scripts is child's play, and requires no special prior knowledge or training. Its base functions are somewhat similar to those found in the Soundgraph i-Mon and the Matrix Orbital MX610 , which we've already tested and reviewed.

Siggy Moersch