Remote Control For Multimedia Windows Apps


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V.L. Systems M-Play 202
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The M-Play 202's multi-functional front display panel and large-sized infrared remote control offer a potent one-two punch to enhance your multi-media computing experience. Standard Microsoft Windows MCE 2005 functions are supported, as are those from WinAmp and Microsoft Media Player. A programming interface, supported by numerous plug-ins, allows the device to accommodate additional applications with equal facility. This serves to make the M-Play 202 an unbeatable multimedia controller for any PC. Although the software is more geared for Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, both the display and the remote control also work trouble-free with normal versions of Windows 2000/3 and XP Home or Professional. However, only when used with the MCE version can the M-Play 202 really strut its stuff. You can buy this unit retail for around $100 (we saw prices ranging from $80 to $105 on the Web).

Cool! Here's how the PC says good-bye with the M-Play 202.

Siggy Moersch