SAS Hard Drives: 15,000 vs. 10,000 RPM

Data Transfer Rates RAID 5

Savvio 10k.2 (10,000 RPM), RAID 5

The throughput in RAID 5 seems to be limited by the controller, which has to manage the XOR calculation. Yet, performance at 250 MB/s is more than acceptable.

Savvio 10k.2 (10,000 RPM), RAID 5 Degraded

It's important to check the performance when one of the disks is damaged in a so-called degraded array, which means that the system has to recreate parity information on the fly.

Savvio 15k.1 (15,000 RPM), RAID 5

Savvio 15k.1 (15,000 RPM), RAID 5 Degraded

Using a 15k hard drive is practical when one of the RAID 5 array disks is damaged.

  • DeanRS
    The Raid 0 benchmarks include Raid 5 File server that is also shown again in the Raid 5 Benchmarks section. Raid 5 shows webserver data and Raid 0 does not. I think that the Raid 0 webserver data is not shown as Raid 5 fileserver data is in its place.