Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Lindy CPU Switch Lite 4port

In addition to the standard KVM connections, the CPU Switch Lite distributes the sound functions via the KVM box. The console connections and the client computers are arranged on four sides of the plastic case, so a lot of space is required for the connection cables. The ideal spot for the switch box is on top of one of the client computer towers and not on the desk. Switching is done using either the red button on the device or a hotkey. A short beep confirms the switchover to the next PC. The 2m-long cables included in the package are a bit longer than those from other competitors.

Switchover is done with the red knob, which switches from one client to the next in sequence.

Two client computers are connected on each side, which unnecessarily wastes a lot of space.

Siggy Moersch