Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Fujitsu FS-1004MT

Small, black, powerful. The first thing you think of is a cup of espresso, not a KVM switch. Inside the black metal box are functions otherwise found only in larger and considerably more expensive KVM switches. No other 4-port KVM switch in this test field has an on-screen display and so many setting options as the Fujitsu FS-1004MT. Pressing the key combination Alt+CTRL+Shift makes the on-screen display appear on the monitor, which allows you to switch over using the mouse or keyboard.

Each of the four client PCs can be given its own name in the OSD menu, which simplifies switching. The keyboard layout can be adjusted to local and country-specific requirements using four DIP switches. The hotkeys, which are responsible for manual switching with the keyboard, can also be turned on or off with the DIP switches. Regardless of whether you are switching with the keyboard or a button on the KVM box, the name entered in the on-screen display is briefly displayed. Fujitsu did not equip the FS-1004MT with the obligatory acoustic signal, which confirms switchover actions on almost all other KVM switches.

Ideal: every client has its own power button, select-LCD and corresponding selection key.

The KVM box can be configured with the DIP switch.

The on-screen display gives you total control on the monitor.

Siggy Moersch