Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Aten Masterview CS-1734

The Masterview works with USB input devices and makes do entirely without PS/2 ports. The individual client PCs are indicated on the front with easy-to-see LEDs, and each client computer can be selected immediately with a single knob. The switchover action is confirmed by a short beep. In addition to the monitor and input devices, the Masterview CS-1734 also switches between the connected computers' sound input and output. Very interesting are the two additional USB connections for other USB devices, such as a printer or scanner.

These peripherals are always assigned to the client PC that is viewable on the monitor. Therefore, it is not necessary to release these peripherals with Windows. By simultaneously pressing two keys during the switchover procedure, you can prevent the USB devices from virtually being moved as well. In this case, in spite of switching to another PC, the previous assignment of the USB devices does not change. All client connection cables for monitor, USB and sound connections are included in the package.

Each client can be activated directly with one of four buttons.

Two additional USB sockets support other USB 1.1 devices, such as a scanner or printer.

Siggy Moersch