Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Cabling Is Simple

The appropriate connection cables, which in most cases are suitable only for that particular switch box, are included in the package for most KVM switches. This is generally a special cable that transmits signals between the monitor, PS/2, sound and USB devices. As usual, the individual plugs at one end of the connection cable are inserted into the corresponding jacks on the PC (VGA, PS/2 or USB) while the other end is connected to the KVM box.

The monitor and input devices, such as keyboard and mouse, are connected directly to the switch and then serve as either output or input devices for all client PCs. If the KVM switch also supports the transmission of USB and audio signals, then the corresponding hardware can be connected directly to the switch box as well. Provided you have properly connected the cables to all computers, you can switch back and forth between the individual client computers using the switch box.

As usual, the VGA and PS/2 cables are connected to the client PC.

Some KVM switches let you use USB input devices instead of PS/2.

Siggy Moersch