Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Aten CS-64A

The unusual design of the Aten CS64A takes some getting used to because it is nothing like a typical dedicated switch box. The KVM switch consists primarily of several cables that terminate in a plastic box the size of a pack of cigarettes that has no switch knobs. Because the four cables weigh more than the box, the entire setup is very unstable and can quickly fall off the desk. Switching takes place only through key combinations; however, the CS-64A does not confirm this with an acoustic signal. If at some point one of the four connection cables breaks, the entire KVM switch has to be replaced - because the cables that connect to the client PC are permanently connected to the box.

The cables for the client computer are permanently connected to the switch box.

The connection cables transmit the video, PS/2 and sound signals.

Siggy Moersch