Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Switching Is Faster With Hotkeys

When switching between the client PCs, not every model requires that you press one of the keys on the KVM switch box. There is a simpler way. Individual computers can also be selected with a certain key combination on the connected keyboard. These keys vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in principle they all work the same way. A key combination (for example: 2x CTRL or 2x scroll), which is normally never used, is applied. Unfortunately, most models do no allow you to freely choose or deactivate this combination. As a result, this feature can occasionally lead to problems because these keys are often used by avid gamers to shoot or check their position. Many KVM manufacturers have not taken this into consideration.

Only the Fujitsu FS-1004-MT KVM switch allows you to deactivate predefined key combinations with the DIP switch.

Almost all KVM switches move to the next client when you press the scroll key twice.

Only the FM-1004MT KVM switch is suitable for almost all country-specific keyboards.

Siggy Moersch