Saving Space: 4 Port KVM Switches

Daxten Scoutaudio 4 Port

The KVM switch from Daxten switches between video and PS/2 signals, as well as sound input and output, for four client computers. Once all of the cables supplied are connected to the lightweight 320-gram box, the device can succumb to the 1.2 kg gravitational pull of the connection cables. As a result, the KVM box may be yanked off the work surface more often than one would like. The audio connection cables also included in the package are not integrated into the cable whip for the VGA/PS-2 cables.

For switching between the client PCs, the KVM switch has four buttons that light up differently, depending on the operating mode. One color indicates which port is being used by which client computer and another color indicates which of the connections is currently working with the console. The switchover process itself is not acoustically confirmed by the KVM switch. The use of the keyboard for the hotkey switchover is not limited to predefined keys with the Scoutaudio; rather, alternative key combinations can also be used.

With the illuminated buttons, each client can be directly activated.

The Daxten KVM switch cable system has two separate cables.

Siggy Moersch