The TFT Connection: Do NVIDIA and ATi Deliver?

DVI Connector Types

Currently, six different DVI connectors can be found in the market: DVI-D for purely digital connections in a Single and a Dual-Link version; DVI-I for either analog or digital connections in a Single and a Dual Link version, DVI-A for purely analog connections; and VESA's new DMS-59 connector. Graphics card manufacturers most commonly equip their products with the Dual-Link DVI-I connector, even though their cards only feature a single port. Using an adapter, these connectors can also be used with analog VGA monitors.

An overview of the different DVI connector types.

The pin-out of a DVI connector.

The DVI 1.0 specification does not include a new Dual-Link connector called DMS-59. This connector was introduced by the VESA working group in 2003 to allow two DVI outputs even on small form factor cards. It is also meant to simplify the placement of the connectors on quad-display cards.

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    Thanks for this. Saved me lots of trouble with (not) chosing an incompatible DVI cable for my monitor / computer connection.