Tom's Hardware's AMA With Thermaltake, In Its Entirety

Backlit Keyboards, Fans, And Liquid Cooling

Q. Mechanical Keyboards are very popular for gamers nowadays. I’ve noticed Rosewill was the 1st company to introduce dual backlit keys for mechanical keyboards, but I’m disappointed that their modes are limited.  A lot of gamers prefer to play in the dark, and not all of us are FPS gamers.  I myself am a MOBA gamer, and I’d like to the QWER keys to also be in illumination mode.  Roccat and Corsair introduced the Per Key Backlit, where you can turn on or off each key without the others being on or off.  Dual Backlit Keys + Per Key Backlit would be great and an ideal keyboard for a lot of gamers.  Any plans for something like that?

 A. We seem to think alike on many things here...  I have thought about RGB LEDs in key switches for a while but there simply is modification to the switch body necessary to facilitate the RGB application along with some extensive controller work to allow not just RGB function but per key RGB as that is a lot of channels.  Not just a on and off but a mix to allow different color. This may be possible in a future application but there are some things that would definitely have to be figured out first :)

Q. Mechanical keyboards have come a long way over the past years and now there are many different options on the market to choose from. However I noticed that there aren't many wireless mechanical keyboards available. Would Wireless mechanical keyboards be a possibility in the future for Thermaltake?

A. Wireless is always "Possible" however due to the inherent latency it is not ideal for gaming. You never know if there is enough demand for this we may try it.

Q. Any plans in the cooling department? (Fans and thermal compounds?)

A. Yes, we have some new ideas on fans and I’ll be working on revamping our fan offering soon.  As for Thermal material that is something we are always working on improving as new formulations are tried to attain even better performance.

Q. What sets your self-contained liquid-cooling CPU coolers (ie Water 3.0 series) apart from the rest?

A. The Water 3.0 series was a work from our team and OEM to improve performance over previous gen while also optimization on the Fan side from our team to improve acoustics while also optimizing the fan design to best match the radiator design for the best possible performance. I'm sure you know most AIO coolers are similar and it also comes down to the small tweaks that make the difference that is the margin we work in, and just like Water 2.0 series you will see very strong performance from 3.0.

  • runswindows95
    A wireless mechanical keyboard does sound intriguing to me. I'm not a gamer, but I do love mechanical keyboards.I bought one (DAS Professional) for I've worn out 2 normal keyboards within a year just doing word processing for my work (I average 20,000 words a week roughly).
  • razor512
    AMA in their case means "Ask me anything, as long as it fits within our marketing script"

    I have seen many of these AMA's as they are going and they often ignore any non marketing friendly question. eg if there is a certain design issue that many complain about, they will ignore the question.
  • g-unit1111
    After doing a bit of research, I really want both the Posiedon keyboard and that Level 10 mouse. That mouse is bad ass.

    Just bought one today after seeing Newegg had it for $59. Score!