Tom's Hardware's AMA With Thermaltake, In Its Entirety

Case Accessories And Cooling

Q. I am one of those guys that do not like the Level 10 design at all, so I got myself something more conventional : Element V Full Tower Black Edition. This case is awesome, but the lack of spare parts (fans) makes it hard to match other things you put in that case (can't really put static color fan). Would be great to see some more stuff with colorshift led just like the 3 big fans in that case and a 5" extension bay to accommodate more fans. I know it's a custom built feature for that case only, but why not try to extend that to other cases with a 5" extension bay with a series of fan, from 80mm to 220mm? Anything on the way on that side?

A. The Level 10 is one of those like it or hate it designs. I don’t really think there is an in-between, but in reality like any design you see out there it’s the same thing. The Level 10 is more extreme than most. Just recently my marketing assistant and I stripped one completely and powder coated the whole thing black and white. It looked amazing, and if you check out our Facebook page, you can see some pics of it. As for your other question, the short answer is yes.Yes, we are definitely working on more chassis accessories to be able to better customize the case or make it work for you. This is also why you will notice we are trying to offer a more universal feature set across our chassis line so that these accessories will work with most models, and allows everyone to enjoy adding extra performance or even customizations to their case as needed.

Q. Thermaltake Tai-Chi is a neat passive notebook cooler. The whole system works on the tunnel effect apparently. Is this tunnel effect going to be incorporated into GPU/CPU/Chipset coolers eventually or built into cases themselves? What type of innovation can PC enthusiasts expect if any from Thermaltake in the passive convection based cooling sector?

A. Wow, that’s going back a bit now.It has to be five years since I’ve heard about that one!There is always interest in passive silent cooling however as CPU's (Both AMD and Intel) and GPUs are hitting TDP's higher than they ever have it becomes more necessary for us to move to more extreme or efficient cooling. This is why we felt it so necessary to join the AIO liquid cooling market as now stock CPUs can push over 200 Watt TDP's (AMD FX 9590 - 219W TDP) however if we are talking ULP like NUC series or something I could possibly see it, but for most desktop usages the sheer size needed for a passive cooler is prohibitive to a design.

Q. When is the XASER or a true handled/transportable LAN PARTY case coming back or is the Level 10 the answer to that?

A. LAN cases we know are popular, and we are not against revisiting handled cases but the design has to be right and I would not worry as we are always coming up with new ideas.

Q. Why is Thermaltake not manufacturing any cases with full side window like the Armor series?

A. Many of our newer chassis have large windows such as the Urban and newer Chaser series.  The usage of larger windows is something you will see as an option in future cases.

  • runswindows95
    A wireless mechanical keyboard does sound intriguing to me. I'm not a gamer, but I do love mechanical keyboards.I bought one (DAS Professional) for I've worn out 2 normal keyboards within a year just doing word processing for my work (I average 20,000 words a week roughly).
  • razor512
    AMA in their case means "Ask me anything, as long as it fits within our marketing script"

    I have seen many of these AMA's as they are going and they often ignore any non marketing friendly question. eg if there is a certain design issue that many complain about, they will ignore the question.
  • g-unit1111
    After doing a bit of research, I really want both the Posiedon keyboard and that Level 10 mouse. That mouse is bad ass.

    Just bought one today after seeing Newegg had it for $59. Score!