Tom's Hardware's AMA With Thermaltake, In Its Entirety

Discontinued Speedo And Xaser? The Luxa2 Line-Up And Low-Profile Cooling

Q. What about the Frio air cooler? What makes it better than the competition?

A. There are multiple FRIO coolers so it’s hard to say what exactly you are referencing as to make it "better" than the competitor. At a certain point you reach a region of diminishing returns which is why we now moved to the NiC Series of coolers which allow for full ram compatibility on any board while still keeping an optimized fin array for great performance. I would say that Thermaltake does not target to be "better" than everyone; we just aim to make the best possible solution for any issue users may face. Yes you may get 1-2C better from a certain cooler but what good is that if you cannot use half of your memory slots?

Q. What are plans for future CPU cooling solution designs?

A. Future planned for CPU cooling – Well, there are many.... many have not been announced but we will be looking into expanding our reach into the cooling market as a whole from fans, coolers and even out Liquid cooling offerings.

Q. Why was the Thermaltake Speedo tower case discontinued? It was very practical with all of its fan configuration options and the size made it easy to build in. It was one of two cases I know of that had two 120mm rear fan mounts.

A. Speedo was a case I personally loved, but it simply got long in the tooth and eventually newer models were brought in and it was replaced. ex. I love the 57 Chevy but eventually that design went away as well, and who knows maybe a version like the Speedo will come out some day, but it’s all up to what we see from the market demand.

Q. I'm interested in your Luxa2 product line. What’s the best place to get your Metro Leather Laptop bag and the Swarovski Crystal Laptop Cooler?

A. The Metro Leather bags can be found here:  (Brown) (Black)

Q. I have been dedicated to my Xaser IV ever since its release. The reason I have not upgraded is I’ve not found another quality case with an efficient locking mechanism that will prevent intruders from booting my beautiful machine or opening my machine and possibly stealing the parts.  Why did Thermaltake stopped producing chassis with lock mechanisms?  What happened to the Xaser series?

A. Like many things the Xaser was eventually phased out.  The thing is that the market demand for locking front panel doors has been very low ,so we discontinued that and focused on items where users demanded more. If there is enough demand we are always willing to look at new ideas or even revisit some designs.

Q. Are you expanding to the low profile range? Eg - BigTyp Revo Q2. Is there anything in the tubes to enhance them to disperse or conduct? And is there anything special planned production-wise for your crystal anniversary?

A. We have many things for cooling, and low profile is not left out of the mix, but some is merely concept as lower profile coolers take a lot of design time to ensure you do not lose function and performance due to orientation.

  • runswindows95
    A wireless mechanical keyboard does sound intriguing to me. I'm not a gamer, but I do love mechanical keyboards.I bought one (DAS Professional) for I've worn out 2 normal keyboards within a year just doing word processing for my work (I average 20,000 words a week roughly).
  • razor512
    AMA in their case means "Ask me anything, as long as it fits within our marketing script"

    I have seen many of these AMA's as they are going and they often ignore any non marketing friendly question. eg if there is a certain design issue that many complain about, they will ignore the question.
  • g-unit1111
    After doing a bit of research, I really want both the Posiedon keyboard and that Level 10 mouse. That mouse is bad ass.

    Just bought one today after seeing Newegg had it for $59. Score!