Tom's Hardware's AMA With Thermaltake, In Its Entirety

The BMW Designworks Partership And Possible Case Changes

After being live for a full 24 hours, the Thermaltake “Ask Me Anything” has officially concluded!

Epic thanks to Shannon Robb at Thermaltake for taking time out of his schedule to answer all of the questions from Tom's Hardware's community. We know this was a lot of work on his end, and we're greatly appreciative of what went into engaging with our forum. 

Q. Why not make custom threaded cables to be bought separately for your PSU's?

A. The idea for custom sleeved cables has been brought up and considered at length. The decision has not been finalized as to whether they would be full length or extensions, but with the announcement of our Digital or DPS series PSU's the possibility of custom sleeved cable options are a lot more likely.

Q. Thermaltake turned a lot of heads when it partnered with BMW Designworks and showed the world that gaming mouse. Any other partnerships on the horizon with BMW Designworks or others for products coming out that you can clue us in on?

A. That is a good question and thank you for asking! The BMW Designworks USA partnership has been very important to allow us to show we are willing to do things with designs most others would not dare. As you know the Level 10 M Headset is coming quickly and should be here sometime soon.As for the future, you never know, the wheels are always turning for our designers so, I guess I would say "stay tuned" as there are many cool things which have not been announced.

Q. Do you plan the modular drive cages and SSD mounts in your future cases?

A. As I myself am a more Extreme enthusiasts (I have not had an air cooled rig in probably 7 years, normally benching on LN2 when I have time) I definitely have been pushing our design team for better and better in terms of liquid cooling.Our design team is an awesome and very talented group and I think for those looking for the higher level of modularity and liquid cooling, they will be happy to see some of our new designs in the future. Unfortunately once again nothing that's announced as of yet, but rest assured the capabilities of Thermaltake chassis offerings will only get better going forward.

Q. I have always wanted to ask, if I want to buy and sell Thermaltake products in the UK, who is the best person to discuss this with at TT?

A. Normally that's a little out of my scope, but depending upon volume normally you would work directly with one of our many distribution partners, or if you deal in a substantial volume and we have an office close enough to service you maybe we can get you a direct contact to work with, but normally a distributor is the quickest and easiest for purchasing at volume for resale.

  • runswindows95
    A wireless mechanical keyboard does sound intriguing to me. I'm not a gamer, but I do love mechanical keyboards.I bought one (DAS Professional) for I've worn out 2 normal keyboards within a year just doing word processing for my work (I average 20,000 words a week roughly).
  • razor512
    AMA in their case means "Ask me anything, as long as it fits within our marketing script"

    I have seen many of these AMA's as they are going and they often ignore any non marketing friendly question. eg if there is a certain design issue that many complain about, they will ignore the question.
  • g-unit1111
    After doing a bit of research, I really want both the Posiedon keyboard and that Level 10 mouse. That mouse is bad ass.

    Just bought one today after seeing Newegg had it for $59. Score!