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DivX And XviD Encoding With Auto Gordian Knot

Auto Gordian Knot offers a variety of options.

Benchmarking with Auto Gordian Knot is a lot more straightforward than with Gordian Knot. We save quite a bit of work by using a little utility program called Mouse and Key Recorder.

The more efficiently a video codec functions, the more performance will be required for playback, and especially for encoding. That's why most programs of this sort are quickly adapted to the latest CPU functions to keep the processing time to a minimum.

Software: Auto Gordian Knot (by Anton Oleynikov)
DivX (DivXNetworks, Inc)
Xvid (The core XviD development team)
Mouse and Key Recorder (Kra-Tronic Corp.)
Versions: Auto Gordian Knot 2.01 Beta
DivX 5.2.1
XviD 1.0.3
Mouse and Key Recorder 5.5
Installed size 9 M for AGK, 5 M for the codecs,
183 M workload file
Benchmark duration: Up to 10 minutes per codec

Auto Gordian Knot should be installed without the accompanying XviD codec. Once you've installed it, we recommend you update it to the Beta Version 2.01. Next, install DivX 5.2.1, but without the additional EKG program, the MPEG4 player or the Google toolbar. Now install the latest version of the XviD codecs (1.0.3) and the Mouse and Key Recorder. In order to run a benchmark test you will need a VOB file (MPEG2), which can be extracted from numerous DVDs.


We use the following settings for Auto Gordian Knot

Step 1: File input » Input file: VOB file
Step 2: AC3 Audio
Step 3: Custom size (M): 100
Step 4: Advanced Settings »
Output resolution: Fixed width 640
Codec: XviD / DivX5
Output audio type: CBR MP3, 192 kb/s
Output format: AVI

Since we're using two different codecs, we first have to set up Auto Gordian Knot. First, adjust all settings and then add the entire profile to the job list by clicking 'Add job'. Auto Gordian Knot delivers all result information in the form of a text file, which can be found in the same directory as the source and destination files.

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