Tom's Take On NVIDIA's New GeForce2 GTS

3D Card Benchmarks - Evolva Special NVIDIA Version

Evolva is an interesting game that looks a bit like 'Expendable meets Turok', although it's a lot more complex. NVIDIA supplied a special version that is using bump mapping on virtually any object except the sky. Each player or monster has a highly detailed shadow. Evolva is also using up to 80,000 polygons per frame once it's run on a GeForce or GeForce2, so the integrated T&L of the two comes in handy.

No doubt, NVIDIA's special Evolva version looks pretty cool indeed!

The heavy T&L stuff is keeping each card rather busy. Frame rates of less than 35 fps can not really kick butt, and GeForce2 is once more suffering from the driver issue at low resolutions. Quadro is perfectly able to keep up with GeForce2 up to the highest resolution, which shows that fill rate is obviously not the limiting factor here. It's either the T&L or more likely the memory bandwidth once more.

The picture is rather similar at 32-bit color, Quadro is on par with GeForce2 GTS, which makes it pretty obvious that memory bandwidth is limiting the two all way long, as they both have the same 333 MHZ DDR SDRAM. GeForce is the loser with its 300 MHZ SDRAM memory.