Tom's Take On NVIDIA's New GeForce2 GTS

3D Card Benchmarks - Unreal Tournament UTBench

Unreal is a kewl 3D shooter that can easily compete with Q3A in many areas. It certainly looks a lot better, but it's again not particularly great as a benchmark. Still I'm trying what I can to compare those 3D chips and thus I ran UT in Direct3D mode on all the four cards.

Isn't UT a great CPU benchmark really? All the cards perform close to identical with almost the same frame rates at 640x480 as at 1600x1200. GeForce2 GTS turns out to be the worst of the four, which is another sign for immature drivers. Obviously GeForce2 GTS should at least be as 'fast' as GeForce and Quadro. ATi's Fury MAXX performs very well here, if you can say that about its impressive 0.5 - 1 fps lead ...

Interestingly Quadro performs best in UT at 32-bit color, which can only be explained by its 64 MB of video memory. Rage Fury MAXX has got the same amount, but obviously it's not able to take advantage of it. GeForce2 GTS is suffering from immature drivers once more and therefore loses this benchmark.