Tom's Take On NVIDIA's New GeForce2 GTS

3D Card Benchmarks - Quake 3 Arena NV15DEMO

NVIDIA supplied me with a special Q3A level that was specifically written to take advantage of GeForce2's T&L features. The level is very detailed and comes with very high numbers of polygons. If this level should be exemplary for future T&L titles, I would suggest every person to get a T&L-equipped 3D card soon.

Here are the results:

ATi's poor Rage Fury MAXX suffers from its lack of a T&L-engine and GeForce2 GTS suffers once more from the young driver at low resolutions. Still I wonder if NVIDIA didn't take it a bit over the top with this level, since even the scores reached by the T&L-equipped cards are only around 30 fps and thus beyond playability.

The story here shows MAXX's lack of integrated T&L once more, and at high resolutions we see the memory bandwidth effect again, GeForce2 GTS scores identical to Quadro, simply because both have the same memory bandwidth, which is clearly the limiting factor at this resolution and color depth.