Tom's Take On NVIDIA's New GeForce2 GTS

3D Card Benchmarks - Quake 3 Arena Demo001 With FSAA

To see how well or how bad GeForce2 GTS is fairing with the ominous full scale anti aliasing enabled I ran the same tests in Quake 3 Arena again.

The results may look horribly bad to some of you, but they are exactly what you would expect. Just double the X and Y resolution and look up the frame rates at those resolutions with FSAA disabled. You will find that they are close to identical. Internally the chips need to render 1280x960 for 640x480 FSAA, 1600x1200 for 800x600 FSAA, 2048x1536 for 1024x864 FSAA, 2304x1728 for 1152x864 and 2560x2048 for 1280x1024. Please be aware of that.

Although the results don't exactly kick ass, you can see that 800x600 FSAA and arguably 1024x768 FSAA should be playable. Forget any higher resolution with FSAA enabled. 1600x1200 FSAA is not included because GeForce2 GTS with 32 MB does not have enough video memory to offer that. The frame rate would be horrible anyhow.

If you really need to play Q3A at High Quality with FSAA, I guess you will have to stick to 640x480. At the other resolutions Q3A @ HQ is unplayable with FSAA enabled.