Welcome to the New Tom's Hardware


We’ve redesigned the Tom’s Hardware website to make it easier for you to find and read the articles and news you need to see. We’ll show you some of that in a minute. But, before we do, here’s a little of the story behind the new Tom’s Hardware.

How We Got Here

In April of last year, The Bestofmedia Group acquired TG Publishing, the long-time owner of Tom’s Hardware, Gear Digest and TwitchGuru. In the same month, the leadership of Bestofmedia Group laid out their plans for the future of these websites.

Three key ideas were presented.

  1. Editorial experts from around the world would benchmark and write about the best and most important new products in the areas covered by each website.
  2. All of the Bestofmedia websites around the world would share articles, increasing the number of high quality stories available to all readers.
  3. All the websites would be identified by the Tom’s trademark.

All of these ideas have become reality. Tom’s Hardware has retained its world famous name and brings you a steady stream of very high quality technology updates and product reviews, along with what is soon to become a world class news team.

Gear Digest is now Tom’s Guide and TwitchGuru is Tom’s Games.

Our Tom’s Guide website has already gone through the changes that are now complete for Tom’s Hardware. And, like Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide already benefits from great articles written by a growing internal staff and by the crack team of editors at Tom’s Guide France. More Tom’s Guide sites are scheduled to open around the world over the next year. And, that means more excellent feature and review articles to come.

Tom’s Games is the next Bestofmedia site to get a makeover. We can’t say much about what’s coming, but trust us, if you like the current edition of Tom’s Games, you’ll love what it will become not too long from now.

Like Tom’s Hardware, both Tom’s Guide and Tom’s Games will benefit from the strong news team we’re building.

The Changes on Tom’s Hardware?

The rest of this article is devoted to showing you what Tom’s Hardware looks like now and talking a bit about how you can most benefit from the changes.

The good news is that the changes we’ve made make it easier to find and read the articles you need to see. And, a new back end for the website assures that many things such as searches will be more accurate and complete.

Nothing is ever perfect out of the chute, so we do ask that you be a bit patient for the first few weeks and, more importantly, that you give us your feedback on the new Tom’s Hardware. To do that please send email to Barry Gerber.

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