Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Quantum 3D Obsidian 2

When I first saw the really big package I was quite impressed. There could have easily been six cards inside, but of course it was only one. Nevertheless such a big package creates big expectations. But you won't be disappointed, since you will find three CDs. One with the drivers and software, two other with the following game demos: World Cup 98, Wing Commander Prophecy, Need For Speed II, Nuclear Strike, Longbow 2, Mango Grits Barrage, Incoming, Forsaken, Turok Dinosaur Hunter, Formula 1 Championship Edition, G-Police, Shadow Master, Shipwreckers and Wipeout XL.

A SLI cable is inside the package as well; but this cable it smaller than others and can only be used for Quantum3D cards. The board differs clearly from the 3Dfx standard design, however this has no effect on performance. The default clock speed is 90 MHz and can be changed between 83 and 100 MHz. I had it run stable at max. 93 MHz, more than that was followed by complete system crashes.

Quantum 3D does not use a D-sub loop cable, but a round connector at the card's side. The picture quality is excellent at 1024x768 and still okay at 1280x1024. Once again 1600x1200 is simply too much for the loop through solution, the fonts begin to fade away.

Quantum 3D does rely on plug and play and did not include an installation program. The software is very flexible, since you can use one and the same drivers for the PCI, the AGP or the X-24 SLI version. Finally the card is also equipped with a S-video and a composite TV output.