Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Diamond Monster 3D II

The Diamond card is available in 8 or 12 MB configurations and corresponds to the reference design by 3Dfx. The card runs at 92 MHz by default; a small slider allows the frequency to be set between 90 and 95 MHz. On the one hand maybe you won't be able to max out this board, on the other hand this ensures that you won't end up with an unstable system or a defect 3D card due to overclocking. Nevertheless the Monster II is one of the few cards, which does run more or less stable at 100 MHz chip clock - if you cool it properly.

Diamond ship their cards with a massive loop cable, which provides a quite sharp picture, even at 1280x1024. As with all other boards you shouldn't go for 1600x1200 resolution.

Instead of integrating a TV output, Diamond revalues the Monster II with a vast amount of software, including both demo and full versions. Please refer to the Diamond website for detailed information.