Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Quake II Highest Visual Quality Benchmarks

In spite of the few differences between 8 and 12 MB cards in most current games, there IS a way to see the advantages of a 12 MB card. The highest visual quality configuration files for Quake II, courtesy of 'Three Fingers' Brett Jacobs (thanks Brett!!), improves the Quake II image quality by enabling all 3D features the Voodoo² supports. You will be surprised to see the differences between 8 and 12 MB:

Even two 8 MB Voodoo² cards are a lot slower than a single 12 MB model.

The amount of data increases at 800x600, that's why the single 8 MB cannot keep up with the other configurations. Still the 12 MB single Monster II is faster than both the SLI and the single Voodoo²