Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Miro Hiscore² 3D

Miro's Hiscore² 3D is only available with the maximum memory size of 12 MB. The drivers are set up completely different to the others in this test and also include a slider to change the chip clock speed. Default is 90 MHz, but I had the card running fine at up to 98 MHz. Again, more is not very recommendable, since you could easily face corrupted graphics or hang ups.

The picture quality you get is some kind of phenomenon. Usually the loop through method results in visibly decreasing picture sharpness. In spite of the very thin loop cable the picture quality is fine even at 1280x1024. But the loop through system has one great advantage: If the card has a TV output, the standard Windows desktop can be displayed on the television, too. Luckily, the Hiscore² is equipped with a composite and a S-video output which enables you to enjoy games on the much larger TV screen.

The package did not include any games or game demos and on the website is no hint on games which may be bundled; what a pity.