Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Incoming Benchmarks

For some reason the Quantum 3D cards are more than 10% slower in Incoming at 640x480.

The Obsidian 2 AGP benefits from the higher clock of the AGP bus and is the fastest single Voodoo² card for Incoming at 800x600 resolution.

Again the Quantum 3D card is clearly slower than the others, but only at 640x480.

It's surprising that two 8 MB Diamond Monster II cards are still slightly faster than a pair of 12 MB Creative cards. Once again the Obsidian 2 SLI card shows performance deficits; in this benchmark even at 800x600.

1024x768 is what really will count in the Future. The Obsidian 2 X-24 card rates much better now. I think it is amazing to see the 8 MB Diamond SLI cards being faster than other 12 MB solutions. This shows that there are still only few performance advantages with 12 MB cards.