Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Hercules Stingray 2

The Stingray 2 is also based on the 3Dfx reference design for Voodoo² boards. Hercules equips the pixelfx² chip with a passive cooler (no fan as with the Canopus card). The default clock speed is 93 MHz and cannot be altered with the Hercules drivers, which also hardly differ from the 3Dfx drivers. Installing the drivers out of the device manager is not very comfortable since the driver files are stored in three subdirectories and you will have to enter the path three times. Here it's convenient to use the install program.

Hercules uses a standard 15pin D-SUB loop cable that doesn't make the same good impression as the Voodoo² board itself. And indeed the fonts are a bit blurred when using a black background (as I usually do) at 1152x864. Even at 1024x768 the picture could be better. This proves that the high signal quality the Millennium II card provides gets lost with cheaper loop cables.

The card is also available as Hercules Stingray 2/TV with integrated TV out (S-video and composite) which would make it possible playing your favorite 3D games on your TV. The bulk version of the Stingray 2 does not contain games.