Voodoo² Accelerator Review September 1998

Quantum 3D Obsidian X-24

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Quantum 3D is the only manufacturer who offers a dual Voodoo² solution on one card. The base card carries one Voodoo² chipset and 12 MB memory, the RAMDAC and a PCI bridge from Digital as well. The daughter board is placed on the topside and accommodates the second Voodoo² chipset and the second RAMDAC. This procedure allows getting dual Voodoo² performance by using just one PCI slot.

The loop cable is the same type Quantum 3D uses with the Obsidian 2 AGP (on the other hand the PCI card uses a standard D-sub loop cable...) and provides quite good image quality at up to 1152x864. At 1280x1024 you will see the picture loosing some of its sharpness.

The chips run at 95 MHz by default which can be changed between 83 and 100 MHz. Even at 95 MHz I had some hang ups and strange errors. This can be explained by the sandwich design, which heats up very easily. Cooling improves the stability at 95 MHz. The other way is underclocking it to 94 or 93 MHz.

The card and its drivers are very easy to handle. Instead of needing special drivers, Windows 95 simply detects two Obsidian 2 cards. The drivers recognize the SLI devices and link them.