Water Cooling Your System Like The Pros

Puget Custom Computers

One of the test systems had cooling only on the CPU, while all of the others had it on the graphics card(s) and the CPU. To make a complete water cooling package, one of the systems even had water cooling for the hard drives. This was the system from Jon Bach and his crew at Puget Custom Computers.


Puget used a Lian Li V1000 case fitted with a Koolance cooling system containing the water reservoir, radiator, and pump. The finished product looks sleek, and in the V1000 it all appears like it is one piece. The retail version of this case is named the PC3-725.

Inside the case, Puget can equip your system with either Swiftech or Danger Den CPU water blocks. They use Danger Den and Koolance water blocks for the GPU.

Depending on which setup you select, there are different size hoses to choose from. The standard for Koolance parts is 1/4" tubing, and for Danger Den, 3/8" tubing. The system uses an ethylene glycol (radiator fluid) and water mixture. There is a distinct smell of the fluid in the air, but it isn't that strong.

The chipset can be water cooled.

If you require water cooling all around; they can build your custom rig with additional cooling for the chipset and hard drives.