Water Cooling Your System Like The Pros

CyberPower Systems

Cyber Power sent in a system configured with Cooler Master’s Aquagate Mini R80 CPU cooler. The self-contained unit has a 2-year warranty that specifies that the fluid will not have to be changed during that time.


The pump is housed inside the CPU water block.

Two hoses attach to a radiator and fan combination. The standard installation is to mount the radiator and fan to the front air intake at the bottom of the case, in order to get the coldest air possible. The Cooler Master manual states to use the back or "appropriate installation modes" - whatever that means. Either the front bottom or rear back should be fine.

Here’s the CyberPower attached to the case’s blow hole (the fan vent in the top of the case.) During some of our tests the system froze ; we are not sure the cooling was adequate, because the hottest air was being blown out the top of the case via the blow hole. The system BIOS stated that the CPU was at 63 degrees Celsius. We are still determining if it was a CPU or a GPU freeze up ; we’ll just have to wait for the full system review.

The graphics cards are air cooled.