Water Cooling Your System Like The Pros

"If Water Derives Lucidity From Stillness..."

All American Computers


Kyle Felstein, the founder and CEO of All American Computers, has been working with high-end systems for quite some time. The first time I met him was in 2003 at Million Man LAN 2. He and his crew were doing free tech support for anyone who needed help with their systems. They were also involved in putting together some of AMD's first Opteron and Athlon 64 systems, which were shown off at that event. This year they built the systems for E3 and Computex for ATI. You might remember them from their involvement at the ATI Ultimate LAN party , where they gave away a system with a one-of-a-kind X850XT PE 512 MB video card.

The entire system glows in the dark.

The system we have in our lab is based on a custom case designed by Kyle. It is an all-acrylic case that is UV reactive. There are other versions of the same case, like red and other colors, but ours was clear. There are two compartments to separate out the heat. The bottom section houses the reservoir, power supply, a Danger Den Black Ice Extreme radiator, and the Danger Den DD12V-D5 pump. Two 120mm fans move a lot of air through the bottom of the case.

The top has two more 120mm fans to move air through the main section case. There is also a second radiator to make sure the excess heat from the two 7800 GTX cards is removed.