Water Cooling Your System Like The Pros

"...Nor Any Drop To Drink" - Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Alienware has their own water cooling solution, and they were wise when they chose Chieftech as their manufacturer. Not only does the case use their million dollar alien head shroud, it can also wear the ALX shroud that covers the Koolance all-in-one reservoir, pump and radiator.


Notice that the core of the cooling system is the same as the Puget Ultimate Gamer Dream System: the Koolance EXOS. The coolant in the Alienware is also some form of ethylene glycol, so when the fans start spinning, the system gives off the classic coolant smell. It was a little overwhelming when we were sitting over the edge of the table the system was under.

Same Koolance cooling kit.

Inside they use the 1/4" tubing.

Here is the lead coming out of the bottom of the radiator.

Alienware cools the graphics cards and the CPU.

Water block on the CPU.

There is a water block only on the GPU. The GDDR3 DRAM is air cooled.