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From $100 To $160: Five Z68-Based Boards, Compared

Z68 Pro3 Firmware

The Z68 Pro3’s UEFI resembles that of ASRock’s higher-end parts by providing access to a wide variety of overclocking controls.

Full control of CPU power limits exemplify this expanded control capability, which also includes a voltage booster for Intel Turbo Boost mode, frequency, and multiplier controls. ASRock’s Advanced Turbo 50, which purportedly offers an easy 50% overclock, appears absurd in light of the selection of LGA 1155 processors that suffer from locked multipliers, limiting enthusiast-oriented tweaking significantly. The only chips that really qualify there are the Core i7-2600K and Core i5-2500K.

ASRock goes beyond the full set of voltage controls we might use to push our CPU by also providing iGPU voltage settings for integrated graphics overclocking. We did not find an iGPU ratio adjustment to go with that potential voltage increase, however.

Primary and secondary memory timings are also configurable, though doing so is an unnecessarily long two-step process. Each timing must first be set to “Manual” mode before an option box appears to set a non-standard latency.